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Loop cards of various sorts have been around since the 1950s but the idea has recently come back into fashion. Most sets are of similar format ie each card is divided into two parts, an answer and a question, as in this set :

This is how the loop works : Let’s say we’ve chosen to start with the pupil who has 24 on his card; this pupil calls out ‘I have 24’ and then asks, ‘Who has 5 x 3?’ Next, the pupil with 15 on his card answers, ‘I have 15’ and then asks, ‘Who has one quarter of 28 ?’. Now it’s the turn of the pupil with 7 on his card, who first calls out, ‘I have 7’ and then asks, ‘Who has 4 x 12 ?’ The answer and question sequence continues in the same way until finally someone calls out a question to which the answer is 24; at this point the loop is complete. With these cards, there is no particular link between the answer at the top of any card and the question at the bottom of the same card. What we’ve done with our loop cards is to link the answer and the question on each card, like this :

Or like this (much easier cards obviously!):

There are loop cards here for all age-groups from Year 1 to Year 6; the sets are colourful and engaging and all are different. We hope you enjoy using them!

* Most people print directly onto card but some prefer to print onto paper and then laminate; the cutting guide will help you to cut the cards to size afterwards. Please print the cards two-sided (using the backing sheet provided) to ensure our logo is on the back of each!

So, here are our loop cards. As you’ll see for each set of cards there’s also a set of instructions; these are designed to be printed on two sides of A4 and then folded to produce an A5 leaflet. There is nothing on any of the cards to mark them out as being for one particular age-group or another – but as a guide we’ve shown in brackets where the cards have often been used.


investigation year-group

numerals loop cards

(Yr 1)

numerals teachers’ instructions


blue shoes loop cards

(Yr 2)

blue shoes teachers’ instructions


buses loop cards

(Yr 2)

buses teachers’ instructions


cars loop cards

(Yr 2)

cars teachers’ instructions


football shirts loop cards

(Yr 3)

football shirts teachers’ instructions


front doors loop cards

(Yr 3)

front doors teachers’ instructions


trains loop cards

(Yr 3)

trains teachers’ instructions


frog loop cards

(Yr 4)

frog teachers’ instructions


blue boy loop cards

(Yr 4)

blue boy teachers’ instructions


sad man loop cards

(Yr 4)

sad man teachers’ instructions


panda loop cards


panda teachers’ instructions


price tag loop cards

(Yr 5)

price tag teachers’ instructions


small aliens loop cards

(Yr 5)

small aliens teachers’ instructions


digital clock loop cards

(Yr 6)

digital clock teachers’ instructions


professors loop cards

(Yr 6)

professors teachers’ instructions


tall aliens loop cards

(Yr 6)

tall aliens teachers’ instructions



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